Message from SDSFA Women's TD

Hi Everyone, Apologies for not being at the meeting last I am currently recovering from COVID and have been out of action! I wanted to firstly wish everyone the best of luck with kicking off the season and let's hope it's one of our best ones yet ( if the rain goes away! ) I have attached a flyer for our Pre GSAP development program to start to introduce our girls to structured coaching by our GSAP coaches which will start to introduce them to the pathways into GSAP, please be advised this is not for everyone but for young girls that you think may have the passion and willingness to do some extra training to continue to progress. This extra session will also help with their development which will also assist their teams on the weekends. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope everyone is keeping well. Kind Regards, Catherine Cannuli SDSFA Women's Technical Director

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